Earth Natural Foods
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Organic foods


Bran flakes
Bran sticks
Childrens cereal (chocolate stars, bears and squares, oat pillows etc)
Corn flakes - Plain, flavoured
Flakes - Made from different grains
G/F granola
G/F muesli
Muesli base
Rolled grains
Toasted, malted wheat flakes

Flakes and Puffed grains:
Amaranth puffs
Barley flakes
Buckwheat flakes
Buckwheat puffs - With or without flavouring
Millet flakes
Millet puffs
Oat, jumbo
Oats porridge
Quinoa flakes
Quinoa puffs
Rice flakes
Rice puffs - With or without flavouring
Rye flakes
Spelt flakes
Spelt puffs
Wheat flakes
Whole grain puffs