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Raw, Cacao Butter is created through a proprietary cold-pressed method. This process begins by cold-pressing raw, Cacao Nibs into a "cake" in such a way that the oil begins to separate from the protein and fibre. The temperature is never allowed to exceed (or even reach) 120 degrees Fahrenheit and is usually 104 degrees Fahrenheit (all other cocoa butters are exposed to temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit!). A high-accuracy thermometer is used throughout processing.

Slowly, the pure, liquid cacao butter begins to sift off into a stainless steel valve that takes the cacao butter into a separate container where it is allowed to solidify in an attractive shape and packaged for shipment!

How to use Cacao Butter

Cacao Butter is edible and possesses an extraordinary rich, delicate chocolate aroma. Add a piece of the butter to your favourite smoothie, dessert, ice cream or chocolate creation. Because it has not been damaged by heat, our cacao butter melts easily and blends nicely into any type of recipe. This makes it super fun and easy to use.

Cacao butter may be used as a skin moisturizer. It may be used as (or in conjunction with) a massage oil.


Store in a cool, dry place. Cacao Butter has a high level of stability and a long shelf-life (over a year).

Ingredients: Raw Cacao Butter (Vegan).


Vegetarian Vegan and Gluten Free food