Earth Natural Foods
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Organic foods


We sell grains by weight and in packets

Loose Grains:
Couscous – Whole wheat and white
Rice - Short grain brown rice, Long grain brown rice, Brown basmati, White basmati, Red rice, White risotto rice.

Pre-Packed Grains:
Barley - Pearled an Whole
Kasha (roasted buckwheat)
Couscous - Barley, corn, rice, spelt, whole wheat, white, spiced
Giant Couscous
Maftal giant couscous
Corn (whole)
Kamut grain
Oat groat
Rye grain
Spelt grain - Pearled and whole
Green spelt
Quinoa - Plain, red, black
Wheat grain

Pre-Packed Rice:
Arborio rice
Black rice - Short grain and long grain
Brown rice - Short grain and long grain
Basmati - White, brown
Jasmine rice
Pudding rice
Red rice
Risotto rice - White, brown
Sushi rice - White, brown
Sweet rice
White rice
Wild rice
Wild rice mix

Flakes and Puffed grains:
Amaranth puffs
Barley flakes
Buckwheat flakes
Buckwheat puffs - With or without flavouring
Millet flakes
Millet puffs
Oat, jumbo
Oats porridge
Quinoa flakes
Quinoa puffs
Rice flakes
Rice puffs - With or without flavouring
Rye flakes
Spelt flakes
Spelt puffs
Wheat flakes
Whole grain puffs